Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creating Images in Your Power View Visualizations

Thank you for all of the nice emails, direct messages on twitter from the webinar I gave on Power View as part of Pragmatic Works Free Training on the T's on Valentine's Day.  And yes I did play Mr. Barry White to get you in "the mood" for some Power View awesomeness.  You might see a lot of other Power View presentations, but doubt Barry White will be part of those!

A lot of you also asked about the process to add images to your BISM Tabular or PowerPivot model so figured I would write it up.  It can be done in 5 simple steps.

I added images to the Adventure Works 2012 Data Warehouse database on DimProductSubCategory

1. Alter the DimProductSubCategory table and add a column to store the URL.

2. Create a folder on the SharePoint site to store the images you wish to associate to the product sub categories.  You don't have to use SharePoint as your location but should make sure the permissions will work for your chosen URL location.

3. Upload the images to the SharePoint folder or your chosen URL Location.

4. Update the DimProductSubCategory table in the database with the URL for each SubCategoryPicture.  Now I named each image exactly as the EnglishProductSubCategoryName that you find in the table so I could easily produce a URL for all of the product sub-categories with a simple update statement.

5. I used a BISM Tabular Model as my source for Power View so I just need to import the new column from its underlying SQL Server Database into the BISM Tabular model. This can easily be done by selecting Table > Table Properties > Check the box for the new column SubCategoryPicture.

On the SubCategoryPicture column set Image URL properties to true.  Save Your Model and Deploy it.

Once Deployed you can embed images in your Power View Visualization like below:

Hope this helps you create images in Power View easily!

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