Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sponsorship of SQL Saturday #79, What a Great Event!

First, let me just say that I love SQL Server.  We’ve had an intimate and steamy relationship since 1999, version 7.0 that has gone on behind my wife’s back during the middle of many nights that lasted into the hours of many mornings.  I started out in the Data Warehouse Business as a developer using Oracle 7.2 and Informatica for ETL. Back in the mid 90s there simply wasn’t a comparable product from Microsoft, SQL Server was known to be for small databases and DTS was a far cry from a mature ETL tool.  Most clients we dealt with would say you can’t say SQL without SQL Sucks.

I could but anyway the point I am trying to make is no one would dare create an enterprise data warehouse with SQL Server, boy did that change quickly.   From 1999-2000 I have almost exclusively used the Microsoft SQL Server DB engine for reporting databases, operational data stores, and data warehouses.  When I was learning SQL Server, the community for support and questions was not nearly as large and easy to communicate with as today. Twitter, and too many great sites and blogs to mention here were non existent, especially in the middle of night when I learned everything from books by Kalen Delaney (Blog | LinkedIn) or Rob Volk (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) from

I couldn’t think of a better event to sponsor to give back to the community and technology that I have grown to love over the last 12 years. My first SQL Saturday amazed me to say the least.  Not only was it organized very well by Scott Klein (LinkedIn | Twitter), Herve Roggero and all the other great folks from the South Florida SQL Server Users Group (SFSSUG) (Twitter | Web) and many volunteers from the South Florida SQL community, but the speakers were phenomenal. I learned more in one day about Azure and Denali that I would have in three months reading on my own.  As a sponsor we had a table in a room and got to introduce the speakers, myself, and what TekPartners BI Solutions is all about and it was great.I had a really good turnout for my educational lunchtime session on what Business Intelligence means, how organizations use it, and what tools in the Microsoft BI stack are used for each layer.  My good friend who is also a great BI Architect Luis Figueroa (Blog |LinkedIn | Twitter told me I should start presenting at events in the future and am definitely thinking about it.The speakers in our room had some very informative sessions to say the least. David Cobb (LinkedIn | Twitter) had a great session on Hyper V and SQL Server Clustering, Michael Antonovich (Blog | LinkedIn ) had a phenomenal session on Powerpivot, Sharepoint, and SSAS (All in 1 hour btw even with a power failure and restart of his laptop), Herve RoggeroAzure MVP (LinkedIn | Twitter) had a really informative session on SQL Azure. It covered how to import data into the cloud and a tool he developed to backup and restore SQL Azure databases.  Geoff Hiten (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) had a very advanced session on SQL Denali Always On and was blown away by the information he covered and how far mirroring has come.  Seems like yesterday when Mirroring had just been released and we were saying I’m not trying it, you try it for DR.

All in all a great event and feel very proud that we sponsored it and gave a little back to the SQL community that has provided me a very good career and life for the past 12+ years. I am going to make it a point to get more involved in the SQL Server community going forward.

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