Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PM Tools Session – South Florida PMI-IIBA Event

I had a great time presenting “Business Intelligence with a Hint of Scrum” for the PM Tools session at the South Florida PMI – IIBA event last thursday August 11, 2011. Thank you for the great turnout and never thought it would be a standing room only session!  I will recap for everyone that wasn’t there what was covered and feel free to download the presentation Business Intelligence with a Hint of Scrum here. I began the session introducing myself and my background on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, a little about TekPartners (www.tekpartnersbi.com) and how we incorporate Scrum into every Business Intelligence project we undertake.  I then gave an overview of Business Intelligence and the major technology areas that it encompasses: Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs, Self Service BI, BI in the cloud, Operational Data Stores (ODS), Data Warehouses, and OLAP.   Then proceeded with an overview of Scrum and the most common terms that are part of every scrum project: Product Backlog, Release Backlog, Release, Sprint, Burndown Chart, Scrum Master, Features, User Stories, Product Owner, and a few others.  Introduced a tool that we have used on projects called Axosoft Ontime (www.axosoft.com) that has scrum functionality integrated into its core.  We switched gears a bit and jumped into the tool for a demo and showed the audience how powerful and easy it is to use.  Demonstrated the creation of a Project, Product Backlog, Release Backlog (Features), Sprints (Dates and Features), Burndown Charts showing Project Velocity and Estimated Time to Completion, Due Date, Features (updating them), its other email tracking features, and easy reporting on resources, workload, features completed etc. right out of the box. I really enjoyed presenting this session and hope it was educational for everyone that attended.  Thank you for all the positive feedback I received so far I really appreciate it. Any questions about the content or on the tool, please don’t hesitate to email me atasammartino@tekpartners.com.

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